You’re Competing With Infinite Shelf Space Now, My Friend

Most clients refuse to travel more than 20 minutes to a gym. The result is something called availability bias – people would work with trainers if they were close by, irregardless if somebody farther away was better suited to help them. It used to be the same in a lot of other industries. Whatever brand … Read more

Can You Surprise and Delight Your Client for Less Than $30?

Know your client and do something special for him or her and you’ll be remembered. Today is a short post about giving amazing gifts to surprise and delight your online clients because people buy trainers, not training. The better relationship you build, the better your retention and referrals. And if you want to make more, … Read more

Are Online Trainers Going to be Replaced by Silicon Valley?

There are thousands of programs freely available to your client that are probably as good as stuff that you can develop. In addition to free workouts, apps and software are being developed by Silicon Valley types with the goal of replacing personal trainers. The quantified self movement where everything is tracked and programs are developed … Read more

The 5 Little Steps to Make Business Simple Again (198 words)

The 5 little steps that’ll be the quickest way to successful business. 1. ONE TARGET MARKET. Pick one specific target market that you know, understand and you love. 2. ONE PRODUCT. Pick one product that you can look the prospect in the eye and say “this thing will get you the results you’re after”. 3. … Read more

How to Say No to Shiny Objects in Marketing

In high school I was really good in English but my math grades were subpar. I never failed any classes, but averaged about a 60% in any math-related class. My parents did the obvious thing and hired a math tutor to help me get my grades up. It worked, and I ended high school with … Read more

Discounting, and Why You Will Always Lose the Race to the Bottom

When it comes to discounts, there is a difference between what people say they want, and what they actually want. Discounting is fickle, and almost always a bad idea unless you’re the Zohan of course. Then you can go out of business every day: Competing on price forces you to race to the bottom and … Read more

Burnt lobster skin, pot belly, beer in hand

The scene is vivid, scarred into my memory. It was my first winter away. Working on my computer in a Starbucks as whales swim in the ocean in front of me at the Marriott Hotel in West Kaanapali in Maui, a man approached: “What’s the deal?” He said. –He was a tourist. You know the … Read more

“Every journey has a first step. Every saga has a beginning.”

The fitness industry is designed to abuse us trainers. The business model breaks us down, exhausts, us, and leaves us without much money at the end of it all. You’re told to follow industry norms but you must carve your own path and challenge them. Here’s the sad truth: Industry norms generate average results. They … Read more

But does it magically deliver an immediate “pay off”?

Online training is a new business and one that hasn’t gotten a lot of respect. For good reason, most people who do it suck at it. They view it as a way to magically make money by posting on Facebook once, getting hordes of clients, and doing no work in their underwear at home. The … Read more

Online Fitness Training: Learn the Core Truths


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