Jason Chartrand Just Got His First Online Training Client

Online Trainer Academy grad Jason just got his first online training client. It’s an old friend from University that he hasn’t spoken to in ten years. He didn’t use a website and didn’t pay any money on promotion. Jason’s post that resulted in his first client (and 3 more sales calls coming up already) is annotated … Read more

Expanding on Yesterday’s 24 Word Marketing Lesson (audio)

JC Deen, in a message soon after yesterday’s email went out says, “People don’t want cheap, they want easy. And people don’t want the best, they want the confidence that whatever they are buying isn’t crap.” that was goooood. My response: “It’s basically everything. Like, you can stop teaching marketing now. Just make sure that everything … Read more

If the Customer is Always Wrong, How Can You be Right? (4 steps)

The article yesterday (you should read it) ended with this line, “There’s an old adage that the customer is always right. This isn’t true.” So how, then, do you know how to compile valuable customer feedback and decide what actions to take as a result? It’s a question that I got a lot. Yesterday’s article … Read more

The One Fundamental Truth (Podcast)

When I started I didn’t know that much but I did understand one fundamental truth that guided my business. In today’s podcast I appear on David White’s The Business of Health show and share that truth: Listen here: –> https://www.thedavidwhite.com/blog/017-jon-goodman-sharing-great-service In addition to the truth, you’ll learn about the importance of going deeper, and not chasing after … Read more

“Boy, That Escalated Quickly. I Mean, That Really Got Out of Hand Fast”

Whew. A day and a half ago I released the brand new Highly Wealthy Online Trainer limited edition two-book box set (www.onlinetrainer.com/hwot) and boy, that escalated quickly. So quickly that I didn’t get a chance to even write a post announcing the release, or promote on social media once beyond 3 words in our Facebook group (“check … Read more

The Subtle Art of Blissful Ignorance (Podcast)

I’m here in Arizona sitting on the balcony of my room sipping my coffee getting my slides prepared to speak at HealthpreneurLive tomorrow. Today I’m looking forward to being a student, learning from the other speakers, and will be running a few different expert / mentor roundtables over the course of the day. Not much … Read more

How a Micro Change Led to $2 Million in Addition Butter Business

For some reason my best friend wanted to do something out of character and have his bachelor party in style in South Beach, Miami. We stayed at the famous Fountain Blue Hotel, partied at Liv nightclub, and went for dinner at one of the most famous steak restaurants in the world, Prime 112. I was … Read more

There’s a Good Reason, and There’s the Real Reason

Commenting on yesterday’s article about confusing the gasoline for the fire, OTA student Gina Diliberto Patterson sums up the process here: Spot on. What OTA has taught us in terms of marketing has brought in way more clients than any marketing funnel or Facebook ad. There’s certainly a time/place for those tools, but if you’re … Read more

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