We become the stories we tell ourselves

You know how sometimes you hear a story with some sort of message and it sticks with you but you don’t know why? This particular story holds a lesson and that lesson guides you. The story then morphs in your head. Over time you might forget where the story comes from, or if it even happened … Read more

Overcoming self-resistance and How to Always Win (podcast)

Sharing a podcast that I recorded with Dean Somerset last fall because I don’t have any time to write today. Packing right now. Spent this week on the ocean visiting my brother in Nova Scotia. Long-day of planes, trains, and automobiles tomorrow heading to Costa Rica for a few months with Alison and Calvin. In … Read more

I’m Just Kind of Making This Up…

It was the finale of an expensive day-long marketing event. The last speaker, a guru that’s been around for ages, steps up. There was something different about him. His grey beard and straw hat caught my attention before I noticed that he didn’t have any slides and used a handheld mic. Old school. After a … Read more

But How Many People Have You Actually Spoken to Today?

Why would you send out a Facebook ad trying to convince strangers on the Internet that you’re an expert before people who already know you even know what it is that you do for a living? On a daily basis we get questions in our free Facebook group (www.facebook.com/groups/onlinepersonaltrainer) asking how to get clients. Usually … Read more

What is Online Training in 1 sentence, 1 paragraph, and in 1 page

Anybody ever ask you what this online training thing actually is? Being able to explain what you do and why somebody else should care is important for a brand new business offering like online training that most people either don’t know exists, or don’t yet understand. You need to be able to explain it. Fortunately, … Read more

2 Ways to Show a Lack of Respect For Others on the Internet

If you want to win friends and influence people online, start with respecting the situation of others. Here’s two places many go wrong: 1. Asking somebody to “let you know what you can help with.” At the end of a conversation or after an outreach to somebody that’s admired, this is a well-intentioned statement that … Read more

The Perfect Mattress for Paleos and Bookworms

Today I want to talk about the importance of targeting a specific clientele online and what to do if you have two target markets. On my way to a morning walk with the head Archangel, my good friend Giovanni Marsico, I saw the ad pictured below on the subway: Casper, the mattress company that created the … Read more

I’d Trust a Taxi Driver in London More Than Most Online Trainers

Today I want to tell you about how a theory called Costly Signalling is a strong determinant for a client to choose you over somebody else before they meet you. Today, my friend, you’re going to learn one of the things that will set you apart from the pack of online trainers competing for the same … Read more

Online Fitness Training: Learn the Core Truths


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