The Amazing Story of the Success Comes in Cans, Can

The drive to Tucson was long enough for Joel Weldon to think about his business card. He saw what other people were doing and wanted to do the opposite. A cardboard card, no matter how nice, wouldn’t cut it. The year was 1974 and Joel, by then a success coach and professional speaker, would go … Read more

“What’s the Best _________?”

From Jon: Alex is the head coach for the Online Trainer Academy and deals with the majority of support inquires for the certification course. This is a message that he wrote in the Facebook group with my notes in italics. — After speaking with so many of you over the past couple months, I felt … Read more

Are you 18? You could get us “Venusian Vampire Vixens”!

Everything in life has a price attached to it. No one owes you anything, even if you think that they should. Walking down the street yesterday in Cabarete, the town in the Dominican Republic where I’m living, my wife and I look out at the chaos: the women carrying baskets of fruit on their heads, … Read more

It’s Not the Thought That Counts, it’s the Thoughtful Thought

OTA student Alisandra says, Today I took your advice on giving a meaningful gift to a client. She attended her 100th class last week, over 10 months. There is a local artisan book binders shop, where everything is personalized. I chose the colours based on what she normally wears to workouts. Down to the clasp … Read more

Take a Snow Ball Fight, for Example

OTA student Adam asks, I’m speaking with a business coach and it seems that you both highlight the same issues in our industry, but have very different business models (correct me if I’m wrong). Yours – slow and stable growth, to replace a % of your income with online clients. His –  Create a high … Read more

Learn Enough to be Dangerous

This is a website about online training that has little to do with online training. If it was just about online training, that would be a disservice to you. Odds are that you aren’t going to be a trainer forever. Even if you are, it’s myopic to focus on the skillset of training clients online. … Read more

A Random Guy Selling Bandaids on a Bus in Uruguay

It’s hard to know where a bus will take you in Montevideo*. Getting lost is part of the adventure but, as you’ll see today, sometimes when you’re in a foreign place, brilliance appears. We were rolling along Avenida 18 de Julio when he got on. Thick black hair, a tattered backpack, and a buttoned-up shirt … Read more

Seth Godin on Where Ideas Come From

This list is from Seth Godin and was originally published on his blog here in 2010: Ideas don’t come from watching television Ideas sometimes come from listening to a lecture Ideas often come while reading a book Good ideas come from bad ideas, but only if there are enough of them Ideas hate conference rooms, particularly … Read more

Warren Buffet’s prioritization secret (240 words)

Here’s what you do. Step 1: Make a list of 20 things you think that you should build or marketing tactics to employ to push your business forward. Step 2: When done, circle the top 5. This is hard. It should be hard. Which 5, of the 20, energize you because they are both the … Read more

You Are Allowed to Suck for 930 Waking Minutes of Every Day

Every day has 1440 minutes. Assuming that you don’t have an 8 month old baby, we can subtract 8 hours of sleep, leaving you with 960 waking minutes. You’re allowed to suck for 930. That leaves you with 30 minutes each day to make the most of. 30 minutes to focus on what matters most … Read more

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