Think outside the box (47 words)

When you’re in a box all that you see can are the edges, so you push against them. A little more this way or little less of that. Remove the box, and you might just see a market that others don’t or a position that others won’t.

“It Tastes Awful, but it Works”

Buckley’s is a medicine with the tagline, “it tastes awful, but it works”. Red Bull is an energy drink that tastes like medicine. It has many competitors that taste better, come in larger cans, cost less, and have the same stimulating ingredients (taurine, caffeine, vitamin B, sugars). Red Bull tastes worse than Buckley’s and has … Read more

Clients are taught to first set a goal

The others seem to be obsessed with tactics, putting little-to-no thought into strategy. Because they lack the awareness to pick and choose their pieces, they’re constantly spinning their wheels, not having any idea what the next move is, choosing at random, hopping from tactic to tactic, constantly frustrated that nothing seems to work and nobody … Read more

It’s too easy to do a bad job these days, and that’s why so many are

It’s too easy to think that you’re working, when all that you’re doing is posting a badly written status on Facebook. It’s too easy to think that you’re marketing, when all that you’re doing is posting on your social media accounts that you’ve put very little thought into. It’s too easy to slap together an … Read more

{Forbes Feature} How (Not) to Hustle

Sending you to Forbes today to check out a brand new article. It’s a feature that just went live about hustle, or better yet, the lack of hustle. Read it here: –> {Forbes Feature} How (Not) to Hustle “Nobody ever did anything impactful or meaningful by hustling,” Goodman says. “For the most part, all that … Read more

“Little do They Realize That Our Hero Doesn’t Wear Briefs”

Reader Rebecca Garland writes, Thanks for all you do! I love how you not only give permission to go against the grain with marketing strategies and social media (how refreshing!) but that you tell us why. That’s so helpful. I always appreciate your info, and hope to provide the same awesomeness in my emails. Out … Read more

The Two R’s (126 words)

The two most important words in business today both start with R. They are robustness and relentlessness. –Robustness to withstand any changes out of your control. If an algorithm in social media changes and you are worried that it will affect your business in a major way, you are not robust. Your system will eventually … Read more

The Phases of Growing an Online Business (Podcast)

If you’ve ever been afraid to follow up, don’t be. The podcast episode linked below happened because Amanda’s team ruthlessly, yet respectfully, followed up with me for half a year. Starting at minute 4:30, after all of the intro material, you’ll enjoy a wide-ranging conversation about growing an online business. It’s not online training specific, … Read more

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