Why Marketing Matters Much Less Than Branding

A question was posed in our Facebook group by a frustrated trainer. Here’s a snippet: “Is it me, or are people struggling with marketing? I’m feeling like my business just can’t take off and I feel so stale with it all.” The trainer follows with: “FB ads? Instagram? Free training? Just so muddled with it … Read more

Stop getting distracted by distribution channels

A question was posed in our Facebook group (Online Trainers Unite) that I wish to share: Has anyone had any luck posting an ad on Craigslist? I’m not getting anywhere with Facebook. Online Trainer Academy head coach, Alex Cartmill, dropped the mic with a perfect answer before I could get to it. In Alex’s words: … Read more

“Uh oh, hope I make enough money next month”

Online trainer Rachel Trotta had a client who had finished her program and decided not to renew. It was on good terms. Regardless, Rachel’s immediate reaction was, “Uh oh, hope I make enough money next month.” Instead of getting down or complaining about the client not renewing, Rachel celebrated her past client. I want to … Read more

Pretty much everything works, except what you’re probably doing

Walt Disney once said, “Get a good idea and stay with it. Dog it, and work at it until it’s done, and done right.” In the first chapter from my book, Marketing Breakthroughs of Highly Wealthy Online Trainers I say, I see it in my communities all the time. A new coach joins and asks the … Read more

A Picture Says a Thousand Words

The image above shows two versions of the Fundamentals of Online Training textbook that accompanies the Online Trainer Academy (OTA). On the bottom is V1.0, released in September 2016, which was the evolution of 5 cohorts consisting of a few thousand students of a previous course called 1K Extra first sold in 2013. On top … Read more

Every Decision That You Make With Your Time is a Tradeoff

Let’s talk about prioritization. Short email today. I don’t have a lot of time. Conveniently, time is what we’re talking about. Every decision that you make with how to spend your time is a tradeoff. For me, I have 3 priorities – 3 big buckets – where I spend my time: Family Writing Workout In … Read more

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