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"Jon Goodman is an expert in building online training models" – ADAM BORNSTEIN, (Born Fitness, NYT bestselling author)

"With Jon’s marketing help we tripled the number of clients we signed up during our enrollment period from the previous. He’s the man!" – MOLLY GALBRAITH (Girls Gone Strong)

"Jonathan Goodman has been responsible for helping more fitness professionals gain wealth with online training than anybody else I know." – Dr. JOHN BERARDI (Precision Nutrition)

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Jonathan Goodman’s career and life can be defined in two words: “production” and “exploration”. At 24 he wrote his first book, Ignite the Fire, which has become the most reviewed book on personal training on Amazon and is now almost Universally accepted as ‘the bible’ for trainers.

Soon after self-publishing Ignite, Jon founded the largest collaborative blog for personal trainers in the world, the Personal Trainer Development Center. With 5-7 million trainers in 80+ countries visiting the website each year, it has become the go-to resource for trainers who want to get better.

In the years that followed Jon has hosted National Conferences, presented seminars on online fitness business worldwide, and wrote more books.

His others works include the Personal Trainer Pocketbook, a children’s book, Adventure, Adventure, Awaits for us Alland a marketing book, Viralnomics that was hailed by NYT Bestselling Author and Professor of Marketing at the renowned Wharton School of Business, Jonah Berger, as “a refreshing look at social media, influence and the behavioral science behind it all. A must-read for anyone who wants to win at social.”

In addition to writing during this time, Jon lived abroad for months at a time in Hawaii (twice), Thailand (twice), Costa Rica, and Uruguay. Along with his wife Alison, Jon hiked in 16 National Parks across Canada and the United States and also visited Iceland, Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Brazil, Argentina, England, Scotland, Ireland, and Japan.

All of this Experience, Exploration, and Production Leads to Today

Since 2009, the year that Ignite was originally written, Jon has spoken to thousands of trainers around the world. Many of these skilled, passionate trainers were struggling, searching for a solution to the biggest problem that our industry’s best people struggle with.

At some point, usually 1-3 years in, all trainers hit a stopping point. All trainers eventually need to figure out a way to make a bit more money, in a bit less time, with a bit better schedule.

With the problem defined, Jon set out to find a solution. In 2012 when conducting one of the PTDC’s many surveys on what trainers want and need (the company has compiled many million data points) he came across online training. It was perfect, yet nobody was talking about it.

At the time online training was an underground movement so, in 2013, after a beta group of 24 students, Jon released the first-ever course teaching how to build an online training business. It was called 1K Extra. 

From 2013 – 2016 1K Extra was released 5 times and revised 3 times taking in feedback from thousands of students. Then, in 2016 it evolved …

Enter, the Online Trainer Academy 

The Online Trainer Academy (OTA) is the first-of-its-kind certification program about online training initially released in September 2016. Not only does it boast the seminal textbook about the subject, it also includes a workbook, online video lessons, downloadable scripts, and more.

A growing contingent of fitness industry leaders like Dr. John Berardi, Charles Poliquin, Molly Galbraith and many more turn to Jonathan Goodman for advice on how to start and grow an efficient and scalable online training business. It’s exciting for you to join us.

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