The Amazing Story of Mark Rippetoe Revealed

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“When your experience contradicts the message others promote, and expect you to support, trust your experience.” – Lou Schuler (from the Mark Rippetoe feature)

–This line comes direct from an extraordinary four-page feature on Mark Rippetoe, the founder of Starting Strength, in next month’s issue of Fitness Marketing Monthly.

With a base in Wichita Falls, Texas, a brand based on one implement (the barbell), and a handful of exercises, none of which he invented, Rippetoe is an unlikely fitness industry success story.

And that’s what makes the 600,000 copies sold of Starting Strength and 250,000 copies sold of Practical Programming for Strength Training all the more impressive.

And Rippetoe isn’t slowing down. He’s expanding in multiple directions:

  • A new line of franchise gyms
  • A coaching certification that, by design, very few will attain on the first attempt
  • A high-end line of equipment that so far includes a bench, squat rack, and of course barbells

… In addition to sold out seminars and training camps and online coaching.

Rip’s story is defined by absurd focus, conviction, and unwavering belief. It has almost nothing to do with what marketing experts who don’t understand branding try to sell you on.

And that’s why I’m so excited to tell it.

Any aspiring fit pro looking to get ahead can learn a lot from this legendary figure. Yet, before now, I knew almost nothing about his business.

As far as I know, this unprecedented interview is the first time that Rip has ever spoken publicly about his business – and our FMM subscribers get full access.

When you learn about a lot of successful, you find one major commonality.

The people who get ahead ignore just about everything new and flashy – the kind of stuff that gets asked about daily in our FB groups. You know what I’m talking about …

… The best software

… Tricks to build up big Instagram followings

… Jumping on every trend

The most successful people are experts at ignoring new and shiny things. They know that a brand is what matters and a brand can only be built on consistent messaging.

Working hard and not getting anywhere is the result of thinking that you have to be doing everything or else you’re missing out.

It’s like eating soup with a fork – you may get a drop here and there, but you’ll never finish the bowl.

People like us get ahead by staying on message and don’t get distracted. Consider this direct from the feature in the next issue of FMM, going to print on the 26th:

Just about every health and fitness movement has eventually crashed under the weight of its ambitions. Maybe it’s by expanding too fast, with too little quality control. Or by marketing crummy supplements designed to cash in on a reputation for promoting healthy nutrition. Or by the founder’s personal excesses or odd beliefs and behaviors. – Lou Schuler

If you’ve ever wondered what people like Rippetoe do (and don’t do) to build legendary brands then I encourage you to test-drive Fitness Marketing Monthly with a subscription this month. Once the issue ships on the 26th we move on to next month, ‘Focus’, and this material will be gone forever.

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-Coach Jon

P.S. The incredible Rippetoe feature is only one small part of the next issue of FMM. In addition, you’ll learn how a boot camp owner created four niche programs at once with hundreds of members in each (both online and in-person. He’s relaunching one program with a new partner, fitness model Jamie Eason).

And that’s not all.

You’ll also learn how Bob has grown his company to 13 locations with 9 franchisees with 50 employees in just six and a half years.

And that still doesn’t scratch the surface of what we have in store for our subscribers this month.

If you’re at all interested at what the industry’s top performers did to get ahead, this is for you.

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I’ll leave you with this final quote from the Rippetoe interview:

“There’s something fundamentally different about becoming well-known for something you’ve always done, with a message and methods you’ve had so many years to refine, and that you’re curious enough to keep refining. – Lou Schuler

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