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Be Aware of Your Blind Spots

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Nobody knows anything for certain.

The real work is what happens before the work starts – the preparation. Our most successful students thrive in this phase. The first step before taking any action is clearly defining what you don’t know.

It is only when you are aware of your blind spots that you can craft a plan to circumvent them or fill them in with knowledge.

After helping tens of thousands of fit pros break free and get ahead in the industry, I have good news:

The gap between when you are and where you want to be is small.

(Much smaller than you think.)

Though the gap is small, it can feel like a giant abyss. This is because what to do is unknown to you. When things are unknown, they feel scarier and bigger than they actually are. I don’t have a solution for you other than to understand the phenomenon and recognize it’s affect on you.

The most dangerous people to surround yourself with are those who pretend to know everything. It will leave you with bad information. And the most expensive information is bad information – especially if it’s free. Carefully curated information, on the other hand, is gold. Investing in good information will yield better returns than anything else (including real estate, stocks, FOREX, etc.) The most successful people I know spend tremendous amounts of money on information.

The people for me are the ones who recognize their blind spots. The ones who clearly define what they don’t know and take the steps to fill the gaps or build strategy to bypass unknowns that are impossible to know.

I’m excited to share some great material with you this week.

It’s all around the concept of ‘getting ahead‘.

Or, more specifically, how the heck do some fit pros seem to break through and have all of the success while others work hard but never seem to get anywhere.

Those that get ahead haven’t discovered some secret. It’s their approach that’s different.

Our team has identified a number of principles that I’m going to be sharing with you this week and, if it resonates, I suggest that you subscribe to Fitness Marketing Monthly before our cutoff on the 26th. The theme of our next issue is, you guessed it, ‘Getting Ahead‘ and we’ll be going much deeper into the principles that I’m sharing with you this week.

If you already know that you want to test-drive FMM and get the next issue,

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Regardless, I can’t wait to share the material with you this week,

-Coach Jon

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