The Subtle Art of Blissful Ignorance (Podcast)

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I’m here in Arizona sitting on the balcony of my room sipping my coffee getting my slides prepared to speak at HealthpreneurLive tomorrow.

Today I’m looking forward to being a student, learning from the other speakers, and will be running a few different expert / mentor roundtables over the course of the day. Not much time to write you a new message today so wanted to share one of my favourite podcasts appearances.

Phil Graham is one of the UK’s best fitness trainers, and invited me to speak about online fitness.

Download or stream here:


Over 40 messages from Phil’s audience for me from people who bought my book Ignite the Fire ( before this one about:

  • Questions to think about before launching a product for sale
  • Why blissful ignorance doesn’t exist and why it should
  • Fear is a result of the unknown. If you make the unknown, known then you can defeat fear and move forward

And much more. I hope that you love today’s podcast episode:


-Coach Jon


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