Bob Dylan Sure Did Know How to Market Online Fitness Training

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Sure he sold 100 million records, earned a Nobel price in Literature, and received the Presidential Medal of Freedom but Dylan’s greatest accomplishment might just be his ability to teach us how to market online fitness training.

The bard knew what made people tick, and it came out in his music. Look no further then a line from the song Brownsville Girl,

“People don’t do what they say they believe, they do what’s convenient and then they repent.” – Bob Dylan

His Bobness is, of course, describing the process of purchasing online fitness training in this rock song from 1986. Not only that, but Bobby had the foresight to recognize and call out the two things that many online trainers do poorly with their marketing.

  1. They make it difficult for clients
  2. They assume that clients are rational buyers

I’ll pick up where Sir Bob left off.

1. Make it Easy, Just Don’t Make it Cheap

The easier that you make it for a client to find you, hire you, and get started working with you, the better chance that they will buy. People say that they want cheap, but they don’t. The customer, in this case, is wrong.

Sure if all else is equal then a customer will buy a cheaper product (except in the case of status-seekers and veblan goods) but all else is never equal. No two potential clients have identical buyer journeys. Their backgrounds are different and so is their exposure and trust of you.

Seth Godin followed up on Bobberino’s thoughts in his book The Big Red Fez in 2001,

A web site visitor is a lot like a monkey looking for one thing: a banana. If that banana isn’t easy to see and easy to get, your visitor is gone with a quick click on the “Back” button. – Seth Godin

2. The Cult of Rationality

If there’s one thing that scares me it’s spreadsheets, not because I don’t understand them, but because they do more damage than good. The cult of rationality lovingly referred to as the arithmocracy consists of a powerful right-brained administrative caste that puts entirely too much emphasis on numbers and ignores how human beings actually operate.

Here’s the truth:

Humans are not rational beings or irrational beings, they are post-rationalizing beings.

Emotion dictates our buying decisions. Only afterwards do we rationalize it by establishing a nice-sounding narrative.

Sir Bob the Great knew this, and now you do.

Meet your clients where they are emotionally at, gain permission to continue the conversation, then provide the rational elements for them to justify their buying decision, after the decision has already been made.

As I say in my book Viralnomics: How to Get People to Want to Talk About you,

“Emotion drives action, logic justifies it.” – Jonathan Goodman

Bob the Bard sure would have made a great online trainer. Maybe he would’ve even brought his brown eyed girl along for the ride.

-Coach Jon

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