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A day and a half ago I released the brand new Highly Wealthy Online Trainer limited edition two-book box set ( and boy, that escalated quickly.

So quickly that I didn’t get a chance to even write a post announcing the release, or promote on social media once beyond 3 words in our Facebook group (“check your email”) before selling 1,657 copies.

Anyway, there’s still time to grab one of the 2,000 limited edition copies.


After that it goes on backorder. You can still buy, but will have to wait at least 6 weeks and it won’t be the limited edition first printing box set.

Naturally, I’ve received marketing questions.

A lot of my high-level internet marketing buddies have been asking how the heck you can generate that much business without a single social media link, paid advertisement, and a short sales page.

Well, I’m an open book … but you have to buy my book for $20 to learn the theory that guides.

Generating a lot of online sales is getting harder and harder. It’s not tactics that you need, it’s theory followed by implementation. It’s patience. It’s respecting the long-game.

How marketing is taught these days is kind of like drinking a ton of alcohol on a night out:

You’re basically stealing tomorrow’s fun for today, knowing that tomorrow is going to suck.

It’s an addiction to immediacy at the cost of long-term gain.

I saw a comment on a post yesterday that I wish to share.

Camille DePutter, who helped with the OTA textbook, asked about what people should tell their kids when encountering setbacks. My friend Dr. John Berardi had this to say,

“When you were 9 months old and we worked on using a spoon to feed yourself, you got food everywhere but your mouth. In your hair, in your eyes, in your ears, in your nose, on the floors, and on the walls. For days, weeks, months. Food everywhere but in your mouth. Then, after all that practice, magically, a little started ending up in your mouth. Then more. And, finally, thankfully, today most of it ends up there. Not all of it. But most of it. You’re pretty good at using a spoon now.

When you were 1 year old and we worked on walking, you fell down every day. Dozens of times a day. For months. You were HORRIBLE at walking. Like, so bad. But we kept practicing anyway. Then, magically, you started to get the hang of it. And you only fell down some of the time. And now, look at you, you rarely fall down when walking. You’re pretty good at walking now.

When you were 2 we really started on running. Again, you were so bad. I can’t count how many times you slid across pavement on your knees, tripped on your feet, skinned up your palms. You sucked at it. It was embarrassing. But we kept practicing anyway. Now you’re a really fast runner. And you rarely fall down when running.

Like spooning and walking and running, the same is true for everything else. You’re going to suck. It’s going to be embarrassing. And you’re going to get goop in your ear.

There’s NO way around it.

However, if you keep practicing, less goop. And, one day, no goop.

So spoon on, walk on, and run on my friend.

Because you’re able to eat, walk, and run so easily now shows me precisely that whatever you’re struggling with today is something you’re gonna totally crush later.”

I love this.

When you start, you won’t be good. There’s no magic tactic that will somehow let you ‘hack’ building a brand and establishing a reputation that proceeds you.

What you need is to understand the theories of how to operate and let them empower you to ignore whatever shiny marketing object gets in your way.

I was asked to distill marketing on my personal Facebook page yesterday (add / follow me here). Here’s what I said:

1. Relationships and trust with customers built over many years based off of great work trumps all.

2. The work matters. Nothing else does. Do great work, and this requires you to ignore distractions, and it will sell.

3. Be patient. Trust the process. Build slowly. Don’t chase spikes.

-Coach Jon

P.S. If you want the wisdom, then pick up a copy of my new books at If you want fancy tactics that work today and will be gone tomorrow, I can’t help you but others will be happy to accept your hard-earned dollars.

Have more freedom. Make more money. Help more people.

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