But I thought that these avocados were free?

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Driving down the highway on the north shore of the island of Kauai in Hawaii, my wife and I saw a curious site. I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me back up a bit …

In 2016 we lived in a small town called Kilauea on the northeastern shore of Kauai. Kauai is breathtaking and remote. If you go, don’t miss Secret Beach. It’s a drive along a short, dirt, road drive and hike down.

Kauai is also expensive. Instead of staying in the one hotel on the north shore, a friend hooked us up with a loft to rest our heads before we set out for that day’s adventures on a side street. In the backyard was an avocado tree.

We had free avocados. Avocado trees bear a lot of fruit. Everybody who lived in Kilauea had free avocados. There were trees everywhere, and way more avocados than anybody could ever eat.

Not wanting them to go to waste, residents would place bins in front of their houses with a sign saying “free avocados”

But here’s the best part…

On the main highway, just one block away from our side street with free avocados in front of every door, were the same bins with the same avocados but a slightly different sign:

Avocados: $2.

But I thought that these avocados were free?

Something being more expensive for visitors and much cheaper, of free, for locals is not uncommon in a lot of pricey, beautiful tourist locales. In many places in Hawaii, for example, it’s simply too expensive for locals to live so they have developed a local discount: kama’aina.

Other places have developed different models for rewarding locals and charging more to visitors:

Jugo de naranja means orange juice in spanish.

Same product. Same service. Vastly different experience

Most online trainers offer similar services: Programming, accountability, and possibly some nutrition advice. There isn’t much in terms of product and service to differentiate you from somebody else.

Stand out and become the obvious choice by creating a community where there’s a local culture, and the locals (those in the community) get rewarded by being a part.

This could be done with specific language, member-only promotions, or even, if it suits your brand, secret passwords that, if they say it over the phone on a sales call, then they get an insider discount or special bonus or access to a special type of program only available to those in the know.

Many of the locals cannot afford to live in Hawaii there because of the tourism. It’s the same in Costa Rica, where I’ve lived twice. In both of these places, systems have evolved to take care of local residents, the insiders, while maintaining and growing the tourism industry. Noticing these types of things while traveling is one of the reasons why I enjoy it so much.

There’s a lot of brilliance that can be found in systems developed over many years to solve common problems.

Too often on the Internet these days we find one person in a silo teaching his or her methods for solving a problem. Worst yet, this person hasn’t been around long enough to actually test the system that’s being sold in enough different situations to understand the many complications and ramifications of applying it to the multitude of people buying it.

So the system works for some, but fails for most because it hasn’t had time to be tested and to evolve. The problem is a lack of scale, experience, and time.  As a result, simple, yet eloquent solutions with a wide applicable don’t exist. The Online Trainer Academy (OTA) is different.

OTA has evolved over 5 years with the feedback of thousands of students from 77 different countries. Over 40 experts, including two PhD’s in distance course learning design one being the senior course developer at Yale University, contributed materials and expertise to the program.

So, like the more organized kama’aina discounts in Hawaii, less organized free avocados for people willing to go one block off of the highway, or extra dollars earned from tourists who don’t speak spanish, we’ve developed eloquent solutions and teaching models for starting or growing an online training business including all operational systems, savvy marketing strategies (that actually work), and done-for-you documents.

OTA opens for enrollment once this year. We will sell out. We always do. Last year we ran into trouble with a massive waiting list of just over 54,000 trainers leading to some printing and shipping issues. In order to make sure that we offer world class care to new students that join us this September, we made a slight change to our wait list process and require a fully-refundable $50 deposit to secure your spot for the presale.

Secure your spot for OTA today by clicking any of the “join the presale list” buttons at www.onlinetrainer.com/academy

-Coach Jon Goodman

P.S. I’m in Mexico for a few days. It’s morning. I’m thirsty. Time for some jugo de naranja.


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