Should you have separate FB groups for customers and prospects?

Reader Maarten Nieuwkamp asks, “Do you guys use a separate FB group for your clients and for your ‘free’ followers?” Thanks for the great question Maarten! I have a strong opinion that counters many people’s actions that I’d like to share. You should not have a separate group for paying members. On one hand, as Patrick … Read more

“What’s the Best _________?”

From Jon: Alex is the head coach for the Online Trainer Academy and deals with the majority of support inquires for the certification course. This is a message that he wrote in the Facebook group with my notes in italics. — After speaking with so many of you over the past couple months, I felt … Read more

You Should be Upset They Aren’t Stealin’ From You

Reader Kate asks, “Any effective ways to protect files from being shared? My clients are paying for their workouts and exercise videos and I don’t want them to think that this stuff is free anywhere else or they won’t want to pay me.” Maybe you’re right. Maybe this is true. Or Maybe it’s all in … Read more

Should You Publish Your Online Training Prices on Your Website

In today’s article I’m going to answer the commonly asked question, “should you publish your online training prices on your website?” This is part of a bigger series that I’ll be adding to over time where I write out a single, thorough response to the most common questions asked in our Facebook group, Online Trainers … Read more

Online Fitness Training: Learn the Core Truths


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