“I need to get a few more clients, man”

“Ideally I’d have 30 at $399. That’s, like, $12,000 a month. Right now I have 15. I just redid my website and it’s tight, have you seen it?” –’Nah, I haven’t seen it‘ I told my friend as we chatted while watching my son mash the keys on his kid-piano. “K. Well, it’s tight. Check … Read more

Your competition is Netflix, not other trainers

Potential FMM subscriber James A. asks, “There’s so many trainers on Instagram offering low-cost plans. You’re telling me to charge a premium. How the heck could I compete?’ Great question James. If you were already a Fitness Marketing Monthly subscriber you’d have seen my column from a few months back entitled, “If You Think You’re … Read more

“One can never have enough socks”

“Professor Dumbledore. Can I ask you something?” “Obviously, you’ve just done so,” Dumbledore smiled. “You may ask me one more thing, however.” “What do you see when you look in the mirror?” “I? I see myself holding a pair of thick, woolen socks.” Harry stared. “One can never have enough socks,” said Dumbledore. “Another Christmas … Read more

Geez, There’s a Lot to Learn

The year was 2010. I had finished the first draft of my book, Ignite the Fire. First drafts of anything aren’t good – and Ignite was no exception. Still, I decided to ask a business coach for marketing help. His response: “Uhh, sure Jon, I’ll help you turn your book into an Ebook and market … Read more

I’ve Been Holding Back

For the past year, I’ve been withholding a tremendous amount of wisdom from you. Not just my own, but from a collection of experts, specialists, mentors, and local business owners from around the globe. While I want to apologize for this, the truth is that I’m not sorry. This withholding has been done on purpose … Read more

Stop getting distracted by distribution channels

A question was posed in our Facebook group (Online Trainers Unite) that I wish to share: Has anyone had any luck posting an ad on Craigslist? I’m not getting anywhere with Facebook. Online Trainer Academy head coach, Alex Cartmill, dropped the mic with a perfect answer before I could get to it. In Alex’s words: … Read more

“Uh oh, hope I make enough money next month”

Online trainer Rachel Trotta had a client who had finished her program and decided not to renew. It was on good terms. Regardless, Rachel’s immediate reaction was, “Uh oh, hope I make enough money next month.” Instead of getting down or complaining about the client not renewing, Rachel celebrated her past client. I want to … Read more

Online Trainer Academy Presale Now Open!

Great news – You can now secure your spot for the Online Trainer Academy (OTA) Certification program with a fully-refundable $50 deposit. –> Secure your spot here How the pre-sale list works Some background: Last enrollment we collected names for the wait list, but not deposits, and ended up with 54,304 on the early bird … Read more

Clients are taught to first set a goal

The others seem to be obsessed with tactics, putting little-to-no thought into strategy. Because they lack the awareness to pick and choose their pieces, they’re constantly spinning their wheels, not having any idea what the next move is, choosing at random, hopping from tactic to tactic, constantly frustrated that nothing seems to work and nobody … Read more

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