‘That thing I did didn’t work’

Howdy. No time for me to write this week. I’m setting off tomorrow for a small mountain town in Mexico to celebrate a few days off-grid to celebrate Alison’s birthday. Instead of a note from me, I’m sharing with you a conversation between our Online Trainer Academy head coach Alex and a student. Just so … Read more

‘Cooler than a polar bear’s toenails’

OTA grad Ren Jones, on his two year anniversary of graduating the Online Trainer Academy Certification program, dropped the mic with some mind-bending, biz-exploding knowledge, a few days back. I asked him to share his thoughts. He responded: ‘Cooler than a polar bear’s toenails’ After some Googling, I learned two things: This line originates from … Read more

A Picture Says a Thousand Words

The image above shows two versions of the Fundamentals of Online Training textbook that accompanies the Online Trainer Academy (OTA). On the bottom is V1.0, released in September 2016, which was the evolution of 5 cohorts consisting of a few thousand students of a previous course called 1K Extra first sold in 2013. On top … Read more

I’d Trust a Taxi Driver in London More Than Most Online Trainers

Today I want to tell you about how a theory called Costly Signalling is a strong determinant for a client to choose you over somebody else before they meet you. Today, my friend, you’re going to learn one of the things that will set you apart from the pack of online trainers competing for the same … Read more

“Every journey has a first step. Every saga has a beginning.”

The fitness industry is designed to abuse us trainers. The business model breaks us down, exhausts, us, and leaves us without much money at the end of it all. You’re told to follow industry norms but you must carve your own path and challenge them. Here’s the sad truth: Industry norms generate average results. They … Read more

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