Confusing the Gasoline for the Fire

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OTA grad Francis McCabe says,

“The guys I am in the mastermind with can’t believe how many clients I can get without a landing page or website and just closing deals with Facebook msgs lol.”

Nothing about this is a surprise. It doesn’t have to be Facebook but the important stuff seems to be missed all too often in the day of the omnipresent marketing funnel that promises to somehow, magically, deliver boatloads of money … while you sleep.

After Francis tells me this I relate a story to him that my friend Clay Hebert told me the other night. Supposedly Gary Vaynerchuk was on stage at something called the Traffic and Conversion summit, a place where marketers come to compare notes, funnels, and A/B tests, and just called out everybody in the room by saying, “I’m not here because of a f***ing funnel. I’m here because I’m Gary F***ing V.”

Sounds ’bout right.

I get the feeling that Francis is chuckling on the other side of the world. He’s in Northern Ireland and is a full-time firefighter who uses online training to supplement his income, commit more time to personal development, and be with his daughter and dogs.

His response,

I like it. 1 guy who I am friendly with tried online about 2 months after me.. fancy promo video website and the lot.. well not the lot as he didn’t have the results to showcase while I was training people for free building it, basic Facebook posts and getting results…he no longer does Online Coaching.

He didn’t invest in a course is a PT and just thought it would be easy. Lasted 2 months.

Shocked when he realized there is no such thing as easy money.

Stories like his need to be more public.

Francis’ friend underestimated the work.

He got sold on a dream, built a funnel, and realized that there’s more to it than writing an Ebook and somehow making hundreds of thousands of dollars while relaxing on a beach.

Today I urge you: Stop confusing the gasoline for the fire

If it were easy to set up this magical thing called a funnel that prints money, don’t you think that everybody would do it?

Another message from another friend popped in yesterday shortly after speaking with Francis. This one just finished a $5,000 mentorship program and has zero ROI to show for it.

What she now has to show for many months of work and a lot of cashola is a ton of gasoline, but no fire:

  • Ethical bribe
  • Meticulously edited blog content
  • New format for her website
  • 8 email sequence for funneling (without anybody going into the funnel …)
  • SEO optimization for the site (who knows if that’ll generate any visitors. Time will tell.)

The worst part is what my friend said near the end of her 8 messages in a row to me,

“Their ‘systems’ made me feel more like a clone than a mentee.”

Below’s an excerpt from the Fundamentals of Online Training textbook that comes with the Online Trainer Academy which sums up my thoughts (wait list:

I don’t know everything about online marketing, but I know enough to know that you can’t really know everything about it. It’s endlessly complex. That makes it perfectly suited for procrastinators because there’s always one more thing you can do. It’s a great recipe for getting stuck and never doing anything.

Common online marketing strategies (email auto-response systems, paid advertisements, setting up social media accounts, and more) may seem like the obvious choice for generating online clients. But through developing, testing, and refining this program, I discovered that there is a better way.

In fact, of the thousands of people that have used this program, most have never needed to use online marketing. The core systems of this program work better than anything.

Want to know what the core systems of the Online Trainer Academy all empower you to do?

Expanding your personal network, relationship building, reputation management, top of mind marketing, attraction marketing, and becoming the expert.

While it sounds like there are a lot of things to do, they’re not. It’s absurdly simple, it’s just not easy.

-Coach Jon

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