‘Education is Marketing with Integrity’

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I’m rolling my foot with a ball right now. At home, we have a soft tissue kit that my wife and I used to use before it turned into a set of toys for my son.

All of these tools are made by the same company, TriggerPoint Performance – founded in 2002 by Cassidy Phillips and, by the time that Cassidy sold his interest in it, had transformed a $17k loan into $60 million in sales.

Cassidy has never shared the business journey or his business wisdom – until now.

I interviewed him for the upcoming issue of Fitness Marketing Monthly and I was blown away. I was so engaged that I missed my workout (don’t worry: I did my biceps curls in my condo gym at night. Obv.)

If you want to learn how to stand out in the fitness industry, you should learn from the best but the best are hard to access because they are often too busy doing stuff to write about how or what or why they are doing what they do.

The most expensive information is bad information and a lot of free information is bad information – it comes from sources who haven’t overcome anything or built anything special. Most of it isn’t worth the digital ink it’s written on.

Products like rollers and balls can easily be manufactured overseas and sold by unscrupulous competition. If you think your business is saturated and difficult to stand out, you have no idea what people who sell products that can be knocked off deal with.

In order to protect his company, Cassidy had to set itself apart. One way, he told me, is that:

“Education is Marketing with Integrity”

My favourite part of the interview was when Cassidy told me that he hid his company from the world for five years. In his words,

“Everybody wants to be big but when you’re big, you bring on big problems. We purposefully stayed under the radar and, as a result, we didn’t bring on much competition while building the platform.”

Everybody these days feels like they need to be yelling about themselves and their products – promoting wildly to anybody who will listen anywhere and anywhere. “PLEASE LISTEN TO ME. I’M DIFFERENT. HELLO. ANYBODY THERE? HELLO . . . HE L L L L L L L L O”.

This push for omnipresence does more harm than good. It’s fine to market with intensity but marketing is about amplification, not creation.

Product and strategy come before marketing.

Odds are that you’re not trying to build the next 8-figure fitness equipment company, but Cassidy’s story is one with lessons that any fit pro who wants to stand out needs to listen to.

The whole thing is told (for the first time ever) in next month’s issue of Fitness Marketing Monthly, which goes to the printers on the 26th.

FMM is for fit pros who understand that they need to build a strong foundation first. Our best subscribers are those who have tried tactic after tactic and have become frustrated, recognizing that they’re missing the understanding and strategy needed to stand out in a crowded marketplace. They tell us that it’s a ‘breath of fresh air’.

It’s for those with a bit of patience.

Those willing to do the work.

And if that’s not you, then no problem. There are lots of others who will promise you fast, almost magical, results with little-to-no effort.

But if any of the above resonated with you, then I urge you to give FMM a try. It’s not every day that you get to learn from somebody like Cassidy, and that doesn’t even scratch the surface of the advertising and copywriting wisdom we’ve put together for our subscribers this month.

Just so you know, if you miss the cutoff, this valuable information is gone forever for you. We never make it available digitally and never sell back issues.

So, is today the day that you’re finally going to join us?


-Coach Jon

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