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Reader Brandan Cabral writes,

“Jon Goodman, I could kiss you right now.

After reading the email about celebrating a client moving on, I decided to do the same thing AND got set up with two new clients within an hour.

Thank you for sharing novel ways to celebrate and share what we do. It is all about building and nurturing relationships.”

*For reference, Brandan is referring to this article (click to open and read after)

Later that day Tim let me know that he unsubscribed, giving me the advice that, “I should sell less and deliver more actual strategies for client acquisition”.

You can’t please everybody, and you shouldn’t try. Today’s short note is a lesson I’ve taken to heart, defined by the quote below:

“In 45 minutes I can’t change anybody’s life but in 45 minutes I can convince somebody to buy my tapes and my tapes have the potential to change somebody’s life.” – Zig Zigler

^^This is the approach that I take to this website.

In one blog post I can’t change your life. I don’t try. Quick tips are good. Brandan had success with one. That’s amazing. No reason to take the day off and celebrate. He built the trust and reputation that allowed my quick tip to work. If he hadn’t, it wouldn’t have worked.

Since 2011 I’ve reached tens of millions online, sold close to 100,000 books, and more and all of this experience has proven one thing: If you want tactics to get clients, you can Google them. There are tons and many are good enough. Nothing that I can tell you is magical. Nothing that anybody can tell you is magical. Same goes with your fitness and nutrition advice that you publish online, by the way.

The purpose of free content online is two-fold:

  • Help somebody get a quick win

and / or

  • Empower somebody by helping them view their situation in a different way so that it represents a new opportunity

or, point 2 said another way:

When all hope seems to be lost, your job is to help it return.

That was Zig Zigler’s job before the internet. It’s your job with any free content that you produce across any social media or web platform. And it’s my job with this website. The fundamentals of marketing and selling never change.

There are two currencies that exist in this world: Time and money

There’s nothing wrong with the library. Use it. I did. Also use Google. There’s a lot of good info out there. Sure, you have to sift through a lot of crap but early on in your career this is part of the process. When you don’t have a lot of money, you need to trade time.

Then, when you have a bit of money, the best investment is to buy back your time. Paying for wisdom and increasing the speed at which you acquire skills is unquestionably the best way to invest your money.

Great information should be paid for. Take it from a guy who has published over 1,000 articles. Great, truly insightful, wisdom isn’t available on any free blog. The medium simply doesn’t allow for it. Digital media is rife with distraction, convoluted, and overwhelming messaging. There’s always ‘one more thing’ you have to know. This infiniteness leads to confusion, unease, and inaction. Digital media has one job:

Find a desired audience –> appeal to that audience –> get that audience a quick win so that they believe they can make a transformation

^^Do this, and you will win.

It’s possible that a reader really cannot afford your services yet. If they can’t, you’ve helped them with your free content and that’s noble. Once they have the funds or feel the pain big enough to take action, you’ll be the one who gets the call just like Brandan above.

And with that, I’m going to shamelessly pitch you on subscribing to Fitness Marketing Monthly.

If you can’t afford it yet, then continue to absorb our free material. No need to read on. The rest of this email is a sales pitch.

Here’s the opportunity …

… I’m emailing this note to over 50,000 trainers who have told me that they’re interested in fitness marketing and, even then, most are never going to subscribe.

In some cases they don’t trust me or they don’t see the value. Most of the time though, they are operating with a scarcity mindset. Even with a 100% 60-day refund guarantee where they keep the bonus gifts worth $298, they aren’t willing to at least check out this potentially life-changing material.

There’s opportunity in that for you.

In the fitness industry a chosen few decide to take it upon themselves to level up, acquire the skills, invest in themselves, and take risks (and this isn’t even a risk because of the money-back guarantee). It’s not dissimilar from what we tell our prospects:

“Yes, you can spend your valuable time doing your own research, decide on a workout, join a gym, and get results on your own. If you really can’t afford my expert guidance right now, then do that and I truly hope you succeed. But my experience has shown that most who try to go it alone without expert guidance falter, flounder, and eventually fail.”

If you want clients to be eager to invest in your services, then you need to lead the way by showing a willingness to invest in yourself. 

Take me up on my offer to give FMM a test-drive before our cutoff on the 26th. If you aren’t blown away by the valuable information and cannot immediately see how it will provide you with at least a 10x return on your investment, simply email support@theptdc.com and request a prompt and courteous refund.

–> www.fitnessmarketingmonthly.com

Think that you already know enough?

Many of our subscribers already run 7 and 8 figure businesses in the fitness industry. We even have a subscriber who runs a 9-figure (that’s 100 million dollars) business who subscribed for a year up-front and reads every issue cover to cover (and usually emails me afterwards to tell me how useful he found it).

If you’re working to build your business up, you need Fitness Marketing Monthly to get ahead. If you’re already ahead, you need this to stay ahead because there’s lots of young whippersnappers nipping at your heels.

It doesn’t take much to move the needle in your business. Consider the powerful question shared in our upcoming issue (that you only get if you subscribe before the 26th) that one of our contributors posed to himself:

“How can I generate more revenue without acquiring new customers?”

–This powerful question forced our contributor to find better ways to retain, upsell, and cross-sell his existing customers, maximizing their lifetime customer value.

His self-imposed restrictive technique that you’ll learn about if you decide to join us (and I hope that you do) led to an increase of 20-30% revenue per customer. 

That’s my pitch. Ball’s in your court.

FMM goes to the printers in just two days. If you don’t subscribe now, you’ll miss out on yet another month, which means that you have yet another month that you’ll be left behind. If you really cannot afford it, no hard feelings, but if you can, I hope that you’ll join us right away. I have so much to share with you:

–> Subscribe to Fitness Marketing Monthly here (monthly by month – most flexible)

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-Coach Jon

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