“I need to get a few more clients, man”

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“Ideally I’d have 30 at $399. That’s, like, $12,000 a month. Right now I have 15. I just redid my website and it’s tight, have you seen it?”

–’Nah, I haven’t seen it‘ I told my friend as we chatted while watching my son mash the keys on his kid-piano.

“K. Well, it’s tight. Check it out {he pops it open}. So what do I need to do to get these client?”

–’Yeah, it looks good.‘ I said, viewing the site. ‘I could nitpick, but improving the site isn’t really your issue. Your issue is marketing or, more specifically, your issue is a consistent pipeline of leads.

My friend had

  • boosted posts,
  • created YouTube videos,
  • written blog posts,
  • guest blogged,
  • networked on social media,

and a whole lot of other stuff that, in theory, should work. None of it has because he’s never focused on one.

Choosing to do something, anything, is a positive as long as you stick to that thing for enough time to get good at it.

If you want to win, there’s two parts to the equation:

  1. (imperfect) action
  2. The discipline to maintain focus, aiming for consistent improvement over a long-enough time.

That’s the secret.

–’You simply aren’t good enough at any one thing.’ I told my friend, sharing a harsh truth.

‘If you never focus and take the time to get good at any one thing, you will never build the desire for your services that you both want and deserve.’

–’Have you been watching what I do? For 8 years I’ve ignored everything but publishing words. As a result, I’ve gotten really, really good at not only publishing words, but selling off of those words. At a time when every marketing ‘expert’ is telling you to focus on video, I’m diving deeper into paperback books and, because I’ve taken the time to get so good at it, we’re growing at a stupendous rate.

–’Make Facebook video your thing for six months,’ I advised.

At this point you may be asking, dear reader, why Facebook video?

No specific reason. It’s a good enough channel. He’s good on video. He already has a Facebook account. It seemed like a low barrier entry point.

FBook video might not be the best marketing avenue. Or maybe it is. I don’t know.

It’s good enough though.

–’For six months, master Facebook video. Make it your sole focus. Do nothing else. Study nothing else. Promote nothing else. Consider all aspects of producing great FBook videos your job. This includes:

  • Improving your presenting skills
  • Understanding lighting and audio
  • Post production
  • Writing headlines and video descriptions
  • Networking to establish video syndication partners
  • Iterating on a system to generate and convert prospects off of these videos

–And if you just work on those things for six months, I guarantee that you will have 30 clients willing to pay you $399/month. At that point you can decide to go deeper with FBook video, or to choose another avenue for the next six month block.’ I said.

Courage is both the confidence to do the thing, and to not do other things

You need courage.

Over my 5 years helping tens of thousands of fit pros build part– or full-time online training businesses, I’ve learned that there is no best way.

Heck, there probably isn’t even a better way.

There is, however, a bad way – and the bad way is the damaging combination of overthinking and second-guessing decisions which, in turn, leads to inaction or scattered action which, in turn, leads to a lack of skill and proficiency.

You must get good

I wish to repeat myself.

You must get good.

The only way to get good is to focus your efforts on something – to attack it – and to stick with it for enough time to gain a level of insight, deeper understanding, and mastery. This is how our clients improve their fitness, and this is how you must improve your business.

My friend needs to choose one thing and attack it.

You should do the same.

-Coach Jon


P.S. If you’re wondering, this is the theory that the Online Trainer Academy is built upon.

We believe that every one of our students has unique needs, backgrounds, and goals.

Because of this, OTA guides you to a crystal clear picture of your ideal business. Then, armed with that knowledge, the materials and our business coaches empower you to decide the best marketing path for you, and to stick with it.

This is why our OTA students win.

The materials are great – truly world class – but the real value is the focus resulting from the clarity that the process brings.

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