Jason Chartrand Just Got His First Online Training Client

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Online Trainer Academy grad Jason just got his first online training client. It’s an old friend from University that he hasn’t spoken to in ten years.

He didn’t use a website and didn’t pay any money on promotion. Jason’s post that resulted in his first client (and 3 more sales calls coming up already) is annotated below.

If you find it hard to read, Click here to go to Jason’s Facebook account and see it live (opens in a new window so you can come back to my notes on all areas of why it’s effective).

Underneath the screenshot I’ve included a breakdown of the important components that made it so effective.


Click here to see Jason’s post live on Facebook (and link to the his Google form) here.

a) Nice, clean, approachable photo showing genuine joy.

b) Starts the post with excitement [It’s here] and intrigue. What’s here? You wonder, so you read more.

c) Transitions quickly from his why to why it’s special for the reader

d) Follows with a testimonial tagging the client as an extra proof element

e) Begins to introduce how this new opportunity has come about

f) Calls out his ideal client and lays out bullets of benefits TO THEM

g) Reason to act now: “limited starter packages”

h) Very clear call to action

i) No website. He used a free Google form so this cost zero dollars.

j) Guarantee.

k) Ends with a second call to action*

l) 137 likes / reactions (with only 548 friends)

*Once potential clients filled in his application he used the sales call script from the Online Trainer Academy to close the sale. Imagine how much becoming a certified online trainer could set you apart.

Simple. Easy. Free. Perfect.

-Coach Jon

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