Marketing is the second most important thing

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Great marketing will only make a bad product fail faster. You need a good product.

But today’s short note isn’t about your product.

Today’s note is about how you communicate the value of your product.

Some background: Fitness Marketing Monthly subscribers get two bonus gifts when they first subscribe. The first, is a small, yet invaluable, document called the Fitness Business Wealth Proliferation Guide. Contained within this short guide are the four most important pages for explosive fitness business growth that I’ve put together to-date.

On these four pages our subscribers learn about the Seven Steps to a Compelling Offer

Some of them come directly from advertising expert Dan Kennedy and others were adapted by me to make them more specific to the fitness industry.

Marketing is the second most important thing because marketing becomes much easier if you have a compelling offer.

Fortunately, every compelling offer has seven steps (taken directly from the Fitness Business Wealth Proliferation Guide. Descriptions of each step in the guide.):

1. A clear, specific promise

2. A specific deadline (generally 90 days or less)

3. A strong value proposition

4. A reward for immediate action (scarcity / urgency)

5. Asking for the sale

6. A powerful guarantee

7. A specific leader

^^Think back to a purchase that you made where you didn’t compare price and weren’t interested in learning about the competition. I’m willing to bet that all 7 of the above were in place.

Try to sell without all 7 of the above, and you’ll be frustrated no matter how good your marketing is. Craft a compelling offer and you’ll be making money with lacklustre marketing.

-Coach Jon


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