Should You Publish Your Online Training Prices on Your Website

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In today’s article I’m going to answer the commonly asked question, “should you publish your online training prices on your website?”

This is part of a bigger series that I’ll be adding to over time where I write out a single, thorough response to the most common questions asked in our Facebook group, Online Trainers Unite. I’m doing this selfishly, for me, so that I can link the answer when the question is asked in the future. My hope is that anybody reading this will bookmark this article and link it as a response in any group that they are in where the question arises.

Email and Facebook comments are where words go to die, my friend. You should not be typing out individual answers each time that you get a question via an email inquiry or in an online community that you manage. Instead, take the time to write out a perfect response once so that you can link that response in the future. Just like this.

Let’s get to today’s question:

Should You Publish Your Online Training Prices on Your Website?

This question is one that I’ve gone back and forth on …

On one hand, if you haven’t taken the time to communicate value then anything is too expensive.

On the other hand, think about what you do if you walk into a store or are kind of interested in a service and there’s no prices? You usually walk right out. I know that I do. Not showing your price simply represents another barrier.

A pricing page is the page on your site that will be clicked on first if the lead has any interest in your services.

Having this page easy to access and making your pricing clear is one less barrier to purchase. Price also anchors a level of quality in the mind of anybody reading. If you’re more expensive than they expected, they will begin to think that you’re offering a premium service and look for appropriate markings to justify that. If you’re cheaper than they expected, they’ll think that something is wrong with you or your service.

I suggest that you publish your prices on your website …

Not knowing how much you cost may result in a client leaving before you have a chance to even speak with them. You never know how many people hit your site and leave that would have otherwise been customers simply because your price isn’t listed on there.

Because you don’t know yet which of your packages is right for a client, I suggest listing out what’s in your packages with a line underneath that says something like,

“Online training packages range from $X – $X. Click the button below to apply for a call to discuss which option may be best suited for you.”*

*Obviously adapt this script as needed. For example, if you don’t do calls but instead have an application to fill out, prompt them to fill out the application.

Hope that helps,

-Coach Jon

P.S. Feel free to bookmark this link and post it in any groups when this question is inevitably asked in the future.

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