“It Tastes Awful, but it Works”

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Buckley’s is a medicine with the tagline, “it tastes awful, but it works”.

Red Bull is an energy drink that tastes like medicine. It has many competitors that taste better, come in larger cans, cost less, and have the same stimulating ingredients (taurine, caffeine, vitamin B, sugars). Red Bull tastes worse than Buckley’s and has sold 62 billion overpriced, undersized, cans in 171 countries.

From what I understand, it would be relatively easy to make both Buckley’s and Red Bull taste good. That they taste both awful are purposeful product decisions with marketing implications–for some reason it’s believed that anything medicinal needs to taste bad in order to work. A borderline pain threshold is required–this is a kind of demented theatre that has proven to be necessary to sell not just medicine and stimulants but, well, just about everything.

Exercise is simple. Jump up and down 50 times. That’s your workout. The best fat loss exercise? Well, do something that you suck at. The body burns more energy when it moves inefficiently. So run for fat loss if you suck at running but know that once you become a moderately skilled runner, it’s usefulness as a fat burning exercise decreases.

Nutrition is also simple. Eat tons of veggies, protein, a fair amount of fats, and high quality carbs surrounding your workouts. Control intake of junk food, heavily processed foods, and refined sugars.

The above are oversimplifications and don’t take into account any special circumstance, high performance, or disease but I think most will agree that if they were followed, the general population’s health would be significantly better than it is.

The problem with simplified fitness and nutrition is that there’s no demented theatre

There needs to be a reason to make a decision; to believe that one thing is better than something else.

Exercise is simple, and that’s why most people don’t do it. In order to begin and adhere to programming, that programming needs to sound, in some way, special, complex, and advanced. Perhaps this is why the same physiological principles of EPOC (Orange Theory, Mike Cheng’s Six Pack Shortcuts) and low-carb dieting (Bulletproof Diet, Atkins, Ketogenic diet) return to the spotlight marketed as a new breakthrough every 5-10 years with a slight twist. They can be made to sound fancy and advanced and, therefore, sold.

A great trainer doesn’t have to design a great workout. They have to design a good enough workout and get their clients to want to do the workout. Sorry to break it to all of you do-gooder trainers who ‘just want to help people’, but the best trainers are better marketers than they are trainers.

Your marketing medicine

In chapter 3 of the Fundamentals of Online Training V2.0 textbook that accompany’s the Online Trainer Academy, in a callout box, I share the truth of online marketing.

Another possible distraction waving its alluring bells and whistles at you is online marketing. While online marketing can be an asset – and we will cover the essentials in this program – the truth is, most trainers never have to use it.

I don’t know everything about online marketing, but I know enough to know that you can’t really know everything about it. It’s endlessly complex. That makes it perfectly suited for procrastinators because there’s always one more thing you can do. It’s a great recipe for getting stuck and never doing anything.

Common online marketing strategies (email auto-response systems, paid advertisements, setting up social media accounts, and more) may seem like the obvious choice for generating online clients. But through developing, testing, and refining this program, I discovered that there is a better way. In fact, of the thousands of people that have used this program, most have never needed to use online marketing. – From the Fundamentals of Online Training Textbook

The same demented theatre that requires Buckley’s and Redbull to taste awful, and fitness to be sold as more complicated than it is, is what makes you believe that marketing needs to be complex. You don’t need funnels, or secret scripts, or even paid advertising. What you need to acquire are the basic skills.

In fitness, the basic skills are body awareness and motivation. If they’re in check, a client will achieve no matter what programming they’re given because, as long as a ‘good-enough’ workout is done with a reasonable level of intensity and consistency, it all works.

In marketing, the basic skills come down to the habits of productivity and focus and a deep understanding of the core marketing principles which, by the way, have been around much longer than the Internet.

These basic marketing skills, including strategies for application of the habits and education on the major principles, are precisely what’s covered in my two-book Highly Wealthy Online Trainer (HWOT) box set,

  • Book 1: Habits of Highly Wealthy Online Trainers
  • Book 2: Marketing Breakthroughs of Highly Wealthy Online Trainers

The books are short–you can read them both in a day. The entire box set with free US shipping (simple low flat rate anywhere else) only costs $20 and they’re back in stock.

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-Coach Jon

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