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Howdy. No time for me to write this week. I’m setting off tomorrow for a small mountain town in Mexico to celebrate a few days off-grid to celebrate Alison’s birthday.

Instead of a note from me, I’m sharing with you a conversation between our Online Trainer Academy head coach Alex and a student.

Just so you know, upon starting OTA, all students are invited to a jump start call with their mentors.

Our mentors then keep an internal progress document for every student and follow up, check in, and provide additional insight when needed, lending an ear via email, live chat, or ongoing ‘momentum’ phone calls. This support, by the way, is lifetime at no additional or ongoing cost.

Alex had to leave a company call yesterday to chat on the phone with a student who enrolled in 2013 and had a question. When you join OTA, you become family. And we take care of family for life.

Anyway, the below is an example of a conversation via email that happened on Jan 31st. I thought that you would get a lot from it. There were actually 5 emails in the thread but I’ve condensed for ease of reading:

Alex sends a check in

Hey {Student}

This is Alex with the Online Trainer Academy – I just wanted to touch base and see how things were going on your end after our call a couple weeks back.

Hope all is well, if I can answer any questions or be of any help just let me know!

The student replies

Hey Alex – thanks for checking in. I’m really enjoying the program this far and I’m finishing up my Welcome Packet this evening.

I tried the ‘what to do if you need clients now’ action from Chapter 10, but I wasn’t able to get any leads. Do you have any suggestions that would improve my results?

I do understand that once I complete more of the program that I will discover a more structured approach to obtaining clients, but it would good to get a couple from the instructions in chapter 10.

Alex’s response (The super important part): 

Here’s the reality, and something I think is important to grasp: any client acquisition method like posting scripts, surveys, running FB ads, or anything else that asks your network take the leap and join you will only take out the current low-hanging fruit, the people in your network who are ready to change at that very moment in time. And the chances are, at any one time if you take a snapshot of your network, that’s a super tiny percentage.

And that’s ok.

It’s not necessarily your priority right now to sell to your audience, rather create an environment where you’re always present and there for your network so that as it grows and people start to trust you and cycle through different stages of change and eventually decide it’s time for them to change, you’re the very first person they think of.

This ultimately builds a foundation for you that allows you to operate from a position where your ideal clients are coming to you asking how they can work with you vs. asking why they should work with you. 

Of course, building this foundation can be done in a wide variety of ways. I like to teach the framework I find most successful, and then encourage students to get creative and try a lot of different things out within that framework. 

The framework being: showcase who you are as a human being and give people something to connect to on a personal level, be genuine, showcase your uniqueness. Showcase who you are as a professional and build authority, and show people in your network that your craft can help them be the person they want to be. All while communicating with your network publicly and privately.

When that is done consistently, that’s the recipe for building that foundation. This isn’t always a fast process, trust and authority and reputation and a deep understanding of your clientele can take time to build.

Try not to get discouraged, and remember that the work you’re doing is compounding.

JUST LIKE WE TELL OUR CLIENTS – the key to sustainable results is focusing on the end goal, staying consistent, and celebrating the small wins along the way. 

I mention this framework because the single-most common reason I see coaches fail is their fear of the unknown steps them from taking any action, and as I mentioned, don’t be afraid to take some risks.

Find your voice. Try out different styles and different approaches to your content and communication.

I’m sure you’ve noticed I didn’t mention anything about platform, or imagery, or copy, or anything of the smaller details because, well, they’re the smaller details. And it’s usually the smaller details that we get wrapped in, and they just don’t matter all that much here. As long as everything is pointing back to the framework we discussed, you really can’t go wrong, and the best way to learn and grow is to get in the trenches. 

Anyway {student}, I hope that helps get your mind on the right track there, I know it can take a bit to take in. Happy to clarify anything or discuss any specifics that you’d like.

To recap, here’s the most important points from Alex’s answer:

  • If something works quickly, it’s because there was low hanging fruit. This is fine. But it can’t be depended on long-term.
  • Trust and authority takes time to build. Anything worth having takes time to build. But it starts with your 1% Uniqueness Factor.
  • Good work compounds. It may not seem like a lot is happening at the beginning but, like compound interest, it adds up.
  • Grow your business the same way you empower your clients to transform their bodies.
  • Smaller details like imagery and copy are important, but come later.

Have a great end to your week,

-Coach Jon and Alex

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