“This, and the “Coach Sparkles” post may have saved me some future frustration!”

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Today I share two stories of trainers getting clients.

Reader Kathy Cooney says,

This, and the “Coach Sparkles” post may have saved me some future frustration! I am a WEIRDO, but in a good fun loving way. I planned on kicking weirdo me to the curb when I train but this has me thinking otherwise!

Be yourself.

It’s timeless advice that most know to follow, but few do. I’ve yelled for years the mantra of people buying trainers, not training and it might be starting to stick. At least, there have been a few good indications. Just listen to what Michelle Phillips (aka “Coach Sparkles” posted a few days back in our Facebook group for online trainers):

Can you smell a rat? As I’ve been in this group for the last several months I’ve been encouraged to see many trainers helping others change their lives while staying true to their own principles and priorities. It has been even more incredible to see the increase in Fit Pros using their credentials to encourage others to lead lives of balance rather than restriction.

For the last several months I have also been trying to understand my personal contribution to the health and fitness field.

You see-I am a plus size woman who teaches Zumba twice a week and is diving back into the personal training world. Being plus-size in the industry is kinda hard because there is already a bias (whether or not you want to admit it) against fat people.

I was afraid of being shunned or accused of promoting obesity rather than my message of promoting body diversity and self-love, and knowing the rest will follow. Because of this I had previously tried to separate my Zumba side from my personal training side.

As a Zumba instructor I am loud, proud, and I’m not afraid to wear crazy pants while shaking my moneymaker on top of the stage. As a personal trainer, I felt like I should be more serious, wear the black pants, and be more “professional”. Last month I finally decided screw that, I am fun as f*** and decided to merge the two and created “Coach Sparkles” to represent the person I truly am inside, outside and in the professional realm. People can smell a rat, and they know when you’re not living the message you preach. They are getting sick of unrelatable perfectly filtered pictures. They want to connect.

Because I did that, I’ve been able to consistently share a genuine message, consistently grow my following, and reach the people I truly desire to work with. And I’ve been much happier in the process. Be true to who you are and the message you are sending, that is where you will find the people that need you. -Coach Sparkles (Original post here)

Coach Sparkles hit a nerve. 500 likes and over 100 comments on her post soon followed. Seems like a lot of trainers feel like they should act a certain way to please this industry, but would rather be themselves.

Laura Flynn Endres, in our other Facebook group for in-person trainers and unaware of Coach Sparkles’ post from the previous day, writes,

I was struggling to apply the advice in the article linked below and something just wasn’t clicking. Finally, it hit me – I was trying to be too “straight.” In my circles, I’ve got a reputation for being a smart ass and using humor for (almost) everything. So this shouldn’t be any different! Now, I *just* posted it, so the proof is NOT in the pudding yet […]

*In Kathy’s original post she linked my article with scripts on getting a new personal training client or two today.

Laura reposted the script, made it herself, and added in her own personality and humour.

And guess what happened?

3hrs after posting she added a follow-up in the comments,

“13 leads so far; 1 conversion! I have in-person and online options so super hoping to convert most.”

And, as I write this, another follow up from Laura,

“20 leads; 2 conversions.”

–Not bad for a random Tuesday in April.

Personal training, and online training, is personal. Clients buy trainers, not training. They buy the belief that they can achieve and the reason why they will buy you is because of the 1% that makes you different, not the 99% that makes you the same.

In book 2 of my Highly Wealthy Online Trainer box set one of the marketing breakthroughs is that you must ignore industry norms. Coach Sparkles and Laura just figured that out, and within hours they have clients signing up.

Buy the books for only $20 with free worldwide shipping here:

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-Coach Jon

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