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“What’s the Best _________?”

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From Jon: Alex is the head coach for the Online Trainer Academy and deals with the majority of support inquires for the certification course. This is a message that he wrote in the Facebook group with my notes in italics.

After speaking with so many of you over the past couple months, I felt inclined to share a mindset shift with you that I feel is needed. And if you feel like you’re in quicksand trying to figure all this out, hopefully this will give you the nudge you need to keep moving.

Every day I’m asked, “What’s the best ________?” It could be software, price, marketing plan, business name, niche, you name it.

This is putting your thoughts, time, and energy in the wrong places. Not only will this have you spinning your wheels and halt your progress, but you’ll likely find yourself frustrated along the way.

From Jon: Where and how you invest your thoughts, time, and energy is the most important decision to make and should never be taken for granted. Be vicious with your time, conserving it whenever possible, protecting it as you would protect your most precious resource.

My friends, I’m here to tell you that there’s no universal ‘best’ anything. There’s only what’s best for you, your business, and your clients. And taking the time to develop a deep understanding of what that is, will be 1000x more beneficial to your success down the line.

From Jon: There is no best. Repeat that after me. There. is. no. best. It simply doesn’t exist. “The best” is a relative term. Even if one piece of software does have better technical specs or is a bit cheaper or a bit more expensive, the impact that it will have on you, your career, and your life is nominal. It simply doesn’t matter.

As Alex eludes to, time spent learning about yourself and what you need and want is the right approach. Instead of trying to find the capital B best, take the requisite time to figure out your own needs. Before you start to inquire about software, for example, take a piece of paper in a quiet room and write down the 3 main things you require a software to do (template workouts, message clients, take payments, whatever). Simple is almost always better. The best businesses are absurdly simple. As you progress in this game you will simplify everything that you do. Beginners make things too complicated, experts simplify.

Once you’re satisfied with your list, find the first software program that satisfies your requirements and register. Never think about it again. Everything else is irrelevant. Move forward and shift your focus shifts on the next problem in your business.

This is what should be dictating your decisions. Not the dead-end, never-ending pursuit of trying to fit in with what everyone else is doing. I promise you this will only lead to confusion and frustration, and I don’t want to see any of you head down that road.

Friends, there is going to be a lot of stuff that jumps in front of you along this journey, trying to hold you back. Please don’t allow your own thoughts to be one of those obstacles, it’s one of the few pieces of the pie we can control.

From Jon: Stop dwelling on stuff that doesn’t matter.

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