What’s the Easiest and Cheapest Way to Build a Website for Online Training?

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FB group member Kyle Tomlinson asks,

“What’s the easiest and cheapest way to create a website for training?

noob friendly please.”

Thanks for the great question Kyle.

Thinking that you need a website before starting is one of the myriad of traps that fit pros fall into. As a result, one of three things usually happens:

  1. Money is spent that the trainer can’t afford on expensive website development without any consideration as to how the website is going to get any traffic.
  2. Countless frustrating hours are spent slapping together free tools and a messy, unwieldy, and unprofessional website is published.
  3. Nothing. And the trainer never moves forward with his or her business because they think that not having a website means that they can’t do anything.

A bad website does more harm than good Kyle.

When the time comes and you can afford it, spend the money to have a professional build you a great website. Until then, keep it simple. All that you need is a calling card online. Go to about.me and set up a free one-page website. It’ll link to a form and your social media accounts. As long as you have a single good picture of yourself, it’ll look good – and that’s good enough for now.

With that out of the way, focus on what matters: building reputation and fostering relationships while studying marketing so you know how to position your services and make compelling offers (the free gifts that arrive within days of your subscription to Fitness Marketing Monthly has more on compelling fitness offers, but feel free to Google it.)

You didn’t ask for it, but I want to share a bit more.

When it comes time for you to build your website for online personal training, here’s a template to follow.

The Four Essential Pages for a Simple, Yet High-Converting Website for Online Training

Note: This comes straight from Dan Salcumbe of MyPersonaltrainerwebsite.com, who I recommend for website development when you’re ready. Dan also contributed the bonus mini-course ‘Create Your First Website (or make yours better)’ for the Online Trainer Academy that all of our students have really enjoyed except for one who emailed to complain that he found Dan’s British Accent hard to understand. I immediately messaged Dan and asked him to speak differently. Dan tried a few different accents but none of them felt right. So we stuck with the videos and apologized to the upset student accepting that you can’t please everybody.

In addition to the four pages, I’ve also included what a visitor to these pages is going to consider when they visit.

  1. Home Page
    • Am I in the right place?
    • What’s the next step?
    • Is it easy to get around?
  2. About Page
    • Who are they?
    • Who’s the owner?
    • What type of company is this?
  3. Services Page
  4. Contact Page
    • Where are they based?
    • How do I send an email?
    • How do I make a call?

There are two optional pages you may also decide to include:

  1. Success Stories Page
    • Are they competent?
    • Are their clients like me
    • What’s the next step?
  2. Blog Page
    • Do they know their stuff?
    • Can I get updates?
    • Can I connect on other channels?

I hope that gives you some clarity Kyle. Thanks for asking.

-Coach Jon

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