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In order to develop tremendous confidence in your own abilities, you must have courage.

Courage to ideate and courage to create.

Nobody is born with courage. It develops when things don’t go your way. Courage develops when you fail.

You cannot fail if you don’t try–so try a lot and fail a lot. So long as your failures are not catastrophic, embrace them. The punishment for failure is never as bad as we fear it will be. Acknowledgement of this forms courage.

In most cases, failing is not absolute. Instead, it represents a new challenge–one you didn’t account for–one that forces you to figure out a solution.

And, over time, you become pretty good at figuring it out. And, over some more time, you get pretty confident that, no matter what happens, you’ll figure it out.

None of this happens if you don’t try stuff. So try stuff. You’ll figure it out.

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