Your competition is Netflix, not other trainers

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Potential FMM subscriber James A. asks,

“There’s so many trainers on Instagram offering low-cost plans. You’re telling me to charge a premium. How the heck could I compete?’

Great question James. If you were already a Fitness Marketing Monthly subscriber you’d have seen my column from a few months back entitled, “If You Think You’re Competing, You’ve Already Lost”. Since you’re not a subscriber yet, you unfortunately missed it because once an issue gets mailed, it’s gone forever for non-subscribers.

That said, I want to reiterate a key takeaway from the column in the hopes that it clarifies your approach. First, a bit of background from the column in the August 2018 issue,

“Being a good-enough trainer should earn you a good-enough living. But to get ahead, you need to differentiate yourself. That is, to position your products and services in a way that makes things easier for you.

Positioning explains why some trainers struggle for attention while others have a firehose of leads, with long waiting lists of prospects eager to pay them whatever they decide to charge.

The Key Takeaway:

Trainers fail because they focus on marketing James. You need to focus on ‘market-making’.

You fall prey to competition if you allow yourself to be compared. With that competition comes price sensitivity with begets a race to the bottom where you will probably lose to that bro or bro-ette on Instagram.

The real enemy isn’t other trainers; it’s Netflix. The real enemy is the couch. It’s inactivity.

For the good of your bank account and the good of the world we all need to fight this common enemy. Stop thinking about how you can beat other trainers James. Make your own market by getting butts off of couches and moving and sweating and coming back the next day for more.

James, you need to elicit this action by fostering belief in your followers. Lucy’s pulled the football away from Charlie Brown one too many times. Fitness consumers are tired of being misled. They don’t believe you or anybody else but most of all, they don’t believe in themselves.

Almost everybody that you’re trying to sell a transformation to has tried and failed in multiple attempts at that same transformation. Your marketing must provide hope or, as we teach as a core principle in Fitness Marketing Monthly, a new opportunity.

Help your audience take a step in the right direction. A small, single, step is all that it takes.  If you can help somebody take a step forward towards getting the physical transformation that they desire, you’ve given them back the belief in themselves. With it comes a hope for a great future. Be the harbinger of that hope and you’ll be one hired to lead them the rest of the way.

It’s at this point, and only this point James, where competition becomes irrelevant from other coaches and, most of all, from Netflix. That’s how you stand out, render competition irrelevant, charge what you’re worth, and make an impact.

I hope that this provides some clarity for you James and I hope you consider joining us as a valued Fitness Marketing Monthly subscriber but even if you don’t, I just wanted to thank you for being one of the good guys. Thank you for what you do.

-Coach Jon

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