Most Online Trainers Are Like Delicate, Sensitive Mimosa’s

I have a friend who started online training a year or so ago and quit soon after. He wanted the fruits that this new, exciting business opportunity promised to bear. Sadly, these days he’s still labouring in the gym 10+ hrs a day looking for the solution that he had, but wasn’t strong enough to … Read more

The Time When a Garbage Man Paid Me $4,463.50

It was overcast outside. A client cancelled last minute which presented me with an hour to kill. Tis’ par for the course. Still, I was bored. “A day like any other.” I thought. Then the garbage man showed up. –This a gym? He asked. Big guy. Italian. Barrel chest. A booming, confident, authoritative voice. We … Read more

The George Costanza School of Negotiation

You ever watch Seinfeld? Show’s brilliant. And yeah, even though the final episode was in 1998, many years before online training was thought of there’s a lot to learn from it. Jerry was in the market for a new car. Elaine’s boyfriend, Puddy, was the car dealer. To make sure that Jerry got a good … Read more

6 months of nothing

My friend wanted to learn guitar. He wanted to do it right, so he did his research. He spent time on forums, asked people he knew about the ‘best way’, and watched and tried studying what other people who had learned to play guitar were doing. 6 months passed. My friend had yet to pick … Read more

Sorry Friend, What You Think You’re Selling is Actually Worthless

Stop thinking that whatever you know has value. This might seem like a kick in the cojones to many of you, but whatever you think you’re selling to clients is worthless. What I am about to propose is a mindset shift that has the potential to fundamentally change how you market, position, and sell. When … Read more

Online Fitness Training: Learn the Core Truths


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