Come into the pool, the water’s fine

She put up her hand to ask a question. I wasn’t quite paying attention. Speaking at the time was John Berardi. It was my turn a bit later. The audience was a mix of University students, fitness enthusiasts, and trainers in the auditorium. The question: “Seeing as how it’s impossible to make a lot of … Read more

A new way to satisfy an age-old desire

They’ve heard it all before and they don’t believe you. If there’s a single, biggest gap in the thinking of well-intentioned online trainers today it is this: “You will have a difficult time marketing thinner, faster, stronger, or lighter because your audience has seen it all before, been promised it all, tried it all, and … Read more

“Who is that guy? My teenage sons had a lot to say about this”

OTA student Heather Goudy-Griffiths had this to say after receiving a surprise triple-insulated Online Trainer Academy bottle in the mail yesterday, My teenage sons had a lot to say about the tape! Who is that guy? What is he doing? Why is he sending you stuff? Creating alternative messages… I think it’s awesome! My husband … Read more

“That’s a Wendy’s Quality Chicken Nugget Right There!”

Speaking with online trainer Lou Guarino in my new apartment yesterday, he asks, “How do I differentiate myself? I have a bit of a following on Facebook but it seems like every time that I post a call looking for clients, people don’t answer. They used to. What do I do.” We spoke and, when … Read more

Are you dying by a thousand cuts?

After six months abroad, the family and I are back in Toronto. These past 2 weeks we’ve: Had to evacuate our hotel in the Dominican Republic as it was getting destroyed by high ocean swells Scrambled to find a new hotel in DR Moved back home to Toronto Spent two full days looking for rentals … Read more

The Detrimental Mindset a lot of Online Trainers Get Trapped in

Hey – it’s Coach Alex here. I’m head coach for the Online Trainer Academy. After six months away in sunny places with his family, Jon’s moving back home to Toronto so he asked me to take the reins this week. My team and I handle the majority of the student questions as they complete their … Read more

Successful Online Trainers Don’t Make Excuses

Here are some cold, hard facts: True success, pleasure, and fulfillment without delay is not possible. Nothing worth having can be had overnight. Nothing worth having can be had without dedication and without work. These statements have always been true, and always will be. But that’s not the story we’re told these days. The cocaine … Read more

How to Become the Obvious Choice

He never expected it to sell 16,000 copies. The book, The Diabetic Muscle and Fitness Guide, could not possibly have a large enough audience to spur such a big business, he was told. But Phil Graham wrote the book because it was a topic that he, as a diabetic bodybuilder, was passionate about. And he wrote … Read more

Why Most Online Trainers Will Never be Successful

“The key secret to success is not excessive expertise, but the ability to use it. Knowledge is worthless unless it is applied.” — Max Lukominskyi Building your body and building your business are similar journeys. Most online trainers, just like most exercisers, will never be successful because they are lost lost in tactical hell, trying to do … Read more

What should you put on your online training website?

Below are the 3 key pages every online training website must have. This is copied directly from a Facebook post by Dev Basu 1. The Home Page — Your home page should offer three ways for your audience to engage with you. i) Hot Offer — This is the fastest way you can help your … Read more

Online Fitness Training: Learn the Core Truths


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