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“Time Will Pass. You, However, May Not”

Memories are fleeting. What we remember is weird and random. Often we remember the most insignificant details the most clearly. I want to share with you a didactic memory of mine – a teaching moment burned into my mind. I think that it’s from Grade 8 math class but the details don’t matter. What matters … Read more

Pull the Goalie

A good storyteller engrosses a reader in a topic he had no previous interest in. A great storyteller also distills a globally applicable truism in that story. Malcolm Gladwell is such a storyteller. I want to tell you about a story from Gladwell about ice hockey, not just because I’m Canadian and it’s about hockey, … Read more

The Man with the Orange Vest

This is a story about a lie that went on for 20 years. It’s a story about deceit. But mostly, it’s a story about gumption. A friend told me this story. I cannot confirm whether it’s true but I hope that it is. In between two large office buildings there was a parking lot with … Read more

The benefits of an up-and-coming media called “the Internet”

According to the author of a book that I’m reading, “the internet” presents a lot of opportunities – particularly with something that industry pundits are referring to as “on-line marketing.” We live in an age where everything is new yet nothing is different. Most books written about marketing in the last 10 years aren’t worth the … Read more

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