You’re Busted!

“If it wasn’t for you, those pages would be empty.” – A ten-word email that made my day Those willing to put themselves and their work out into the world consistently and reliably for a sustained period of time will be successful. Blog, podcast, YouTube, network locally, do something else, it really doesn’t matter. What … Read more

Informed pessimism is a big problem

I typed a note with an idea on November 15, 2009 at 9:47pm. On that note was written “a book for personal trainers to become better at their jobs.” I had no idea how to write a book, no connections in publishing, and didn’t know anybody who had written a book. I was a 24 … Read more

A bunch of sour grapes that are not worth gaping for

Thinking that I was taking an easy course in University, I enrolled into a year-long study of children’s literature. It turned out to be the most interesting and difficult course I took in all of my schooling. Great stories that stand the test of time aren’t just entertainment – they contain didactic lessons that span … Read more

Come into the pool, the water’s fine

She put up her hand to ask a question. I wasn’t quite paying attention. Speaking at the time was John Berardi. It was my turn a bit later. The audience was a mix of University students, fitness enthusiasts, and trainers in the auditorium. The question: “Seeing as how it’s impossible to make a lot of … Read more

Successful Online Trainers Don’t Make Excuses

Here are some cold, hard facts: True success, pleasure, and fulfillment without delay is not possible. Nothing worth having can be had overnight. Nothing worth having can be had without dedication and without work. These statements have always been true, and always will be. But that’s not the story we’re told these days. The cocaine … Read more

The Amazing Story of the Success Comes in Cans, Can

The drive to Tucson was long enough for Joel Weldon to think about his business card. He saw what other people were doing and wanted to do the opposite. A cardboard card, no matter how nice, wouldn’t cut it. The year was 1974 and Joel, by then a success coach and professional speaker, would go … Read more

Learn Enough to be Dangerous

This is a website about online training that has little to do with online training. If it was just about online training, that would be a disservice to you. Odds are that you aren’t going to be a trainer forever. Even if you are, it’s myopic to focus on the skillset of training clients online. … Read more

You Are Allowed to Suck for 930 Waking Minutes of Every Day

Every day has 1440 minutes. Assuming that you don’t have an 8 month old baby, we can subtract 8 hours of sleep, leaving you with 960 waking minutes. You’re allowed to suck for 930. That leaves you with 30 minutes each day to make the most of. 30 minutes to focus on what matters most … Read more


Maybe I did something to piss him off. Maybe I should have been more professional or personal or funny or maybe I shouldn’t swear or maybe profanity would have gotten attention because that guy swears and people seem to like it so maybe if I swore people would like it too. Maybe I followed up … Read more

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