You don’t drown from falling in water…

…you drown from staying there. Much of what drags good people down is an inability to make decisions for how to run their online training business and live their lives in the future. They decide to do something or agree to an “opportunity” because it sounds nice in the present, ignoring what it means for … Read more

Silly Rabbit! Trix Are for Kids

I see a cute little bunny rabbit to my right. It’s about 3km into my jog along the canal. In Arizona for the month with my parents, wife, and baby boy, Calvin. I’m going slow. Jogging is no joke. All of a sudden the cottontail takes off in front of me. For a few seconds … Read more

How I Stopped Hustling and Started Succeeding

For years, I had hustled 14-hour days, nearly every day, to train and attract clients. There was no time for anything else. The friends I talked to were my fellow trainers and clients. Girlfriend? Ha, not a chance. The thought was that once I’d gotten my business together — once I made some unspecified amount … Read more

Copying European Aristocracy for Scads of Gramineae

When medieval French and English kings wanted to show off how much wealth they had they intentionally planted something useless – a grassy front lawn. Grass (gramineae) produce nothing of value, needs a lot of land, and requires significant labour for upkeep. According to history profess Yuval Noah Harari, these artificial meadows were a perfect … Read more

Perhaps it’s time to put a charge on email

The ease of publishing words via email, free blogs, and on social media results in lazy communication. Imagine living in a time when the only way to send a note was by mail and next day delivery didn’t exist. In this prehistoric time 30+ years ago, your only option was to write a letter, put … Read more

Should You Publish Your Online Training Prices on Your Website

In today’s article I’m going to answer the commonly asked question, “should you publish your online training prices on your website?” This is part of a bigger series that I’ll be adding to over time where I write out a single, thorough response to the most common questions asked in our Facebook group, Online Trainers … Read more


Yesterday’s article ended with the line, “When somebody tells you that they can teach you how to become a ‘SIX FIGURE TRAINER’ I want you to confidently scoff, chortle*, and say, “no thank you sir, that has zero impact on my wellbeing. I’d rather be happy but I hope that you enjoy your expensive car … Read more

Emotional Bankruptcy for a Fat Bank Account

OTA user Kevin says, “Everywhere I look people are promoting to make me a ‘six figure online trainer’. What’s up with that? Is it some kind of new-age, make-you-rich scam.” Maybe. I don’t know. What I do know is that right now, my friend, online training is the hot thing. It wasn’t always this way. … Read more

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