Confusing the Gasoline for the Fire

OTA grad Francis McCabe says, “The guys I am in the mastermind with can’t believe how many clients I can get without a landing page or website and just closing deals with Facebook msgs lol.” Nothing about this is a surprise. It doesn’t have to be Facebook but the important stuff seems to be missed … Read more

Bob Dylan Sure Did Know How to Market Online Fitness Training

Sure he sold 100 million records, earned a Nobel price in Literature, and received the Presidential Medal of Freedom but Dylan’s greatest accomplishment might just be his ability to teach us how to market online fitness training. The bard knew what made people tick, and it came out in his music. Look no further then … Read more

People Need to Read Less (227 words)

Near the end of the Toronto Talk* I was asked what the best books that I read in the past six months were. The answer surprised a lot of people: I haven’t read a lot recently. I told the audience that I feel like I know enough information about many of the subjects I’m interested … Read more

I’m Triggered Right Now

Working online forces you to be in control of your time, develop good habits, maintain those habits, and take those habits with you wherever you go in the world. And it’s up to you. It’s not easy in an over-busy, over-stimulated world, but it can be done. Some Background: For the past 6 years I’ve travelled … Read more

Why Don’t We All Use Wet Toilet Paper?

I have a baby boy. His name is Calvin. He is 4 months old next week. One of my jobs as his father is to clean his bum after he has a bowel movement (or three, or four). To do this, I dampen a little towel with warm water and wipe. Makes sense, right? Would … Read more

Why Jimmy Fallon’s No Longer Lonely

The comedy troop Lonely Island of ‘I Just Had Sex’ and ‘I’m on a Boat’ fame came out with a movie last year. I never saw it, but I did come across one element of their promotion that I want to share. It was the end of the press tour and Andy Samberg, the lead … Read more

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