How to be Happy

No time to write. I’m in Boston visiting friends and exploring the city with Alison and Calvin. Watched the World Series parade today. It’s my first time ever seeing one. Us Torontonions have gotten used to sports mediocrity. Instead of writing something, I want to share a piece that I came across last week that … Read more

I Shouldn’t Hate Spirit Airlines, but I Do

It was the cheapest option with the best flight time from LA to Kansas City so my assistant booked me on Spirit Airlines. Check in was OK. LAX is never good. The flight was on time. Despite their wry, easy-going, communication, my visceral reaction was a distaste of the company. Upon arriving, I swore that I’d … Read more

‘I could kiss you right now’

Reader Brandan Cabral writes, “Jon Goodman, I could kiss you right now. After reading the email about celebrating a client moving on, I decided to do the same thing AND got set up with two new clients within an hour. Thank you for sharing novel ways to celebrate and share what we do. It is … Read more

Your competition is Netflix, not other trainers

Potential FMM subscriber James A. asks, “There’s so many trainers on Instagram offering low-cost plans. You’re telling me to charge a premium. How the heck could I compete?’ Great question James. If you were already a Fitness Marketing Monthly subscriber you’d have seen my column from a few months back entitled, “If You Think You’re … Read more

The Nebulous Science of ‘Happy’ – a conversation

I want to share a private email conversation with you between myself and Lou Schuler, our editorial director. Most of the time we talk about how to better add value to Fitness Marketing Monthly but this email thread was different – we discussed happiness. It bridges off of the story about finding the best toothbrush … Read more

Computers are Useless (According to Picasso)

We live in the age of answers. Google has brought limitless access to the collective intelligence of the world into a device that fits neatly into your pocket. Silicon Valley, with its abundance of website development tools, has made it easy to promote yourself The result is that it’s become too easy to do a … Read more

Make a Bad Plan (34 words)

A bad plan successfully implemented will lead to mistakes which will teach you lessons which will lead to improvement. A bad plan is better than no plan. A bad plan is a good start. -Coach Jon

“A boringly logical man would make the cups larger”

“If you visit the excellent burger chain Five Guys, you will notice that your fries come in a cup: large, medium, or small. Yet, having filled your cup, the staff invariably throw in a generous scoop of fries into your brown paper bag. These are the fries which, strictly speaking, they don’t have to give … Read more

So There We Were: Me and Mandeep on the Subway Chatting like Old Buds

Riding the subway allows an opportunity to read. The trip is longer but I’ll do it anyway if I have time. With John Butler Trio playing through my headphones, book open, pen in hand, Mandeep tapped me on the shoulder. “Is that a sales book?” He asked. –”Well, it could be.” I said. “But it’s … Read more


The cowboy era of the Instagram fit-pro is upon us and it is impacting real trainers. Whether it’s hurtful or not is an interesting question. Guru fit pros who say that, “I just need to get better at the science and clients will come” are wrong. Fitness is 50% fitness and 50% business. Social media … Read more

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