How a Student Hired His Professor (while still in school)

One night at dinner, I had a long conversation with a highly successful investment advisor, someone who manages more than $1 billion for his clients. He’s also a photographer, which is how he paid his way through school. He was so good, in fact, that he hired his photography professor to develop film for him … Read more

“I need to get a few more clients, man”

“Ideally I’d have 30 at $399. That’s, like, $12,000 a month. Right now I have 15. I just redid my website and it’s tight, have you seen it?” –’Nah, I haven’t seen it‘ I told my friend as we chatted while watching my son mash the keys on his kid-piano. “K. Well, it’s tight. Check … Read more


The cowboy era of the Instagram fit-pro is upon us and it is impacting real trainers. Whether it’s hurtful or not is an interesting question. Guru fit pros who say that, “I just need to get better at the science and clients will come” are wrong. Fitness is 50% fitness and 50% business. Social media … Read more

“Time Will Pass. You, However, May Not”

Memories are fleeting. What we remember is weird and random. Often we remember the most insignificant details the most clearly. I want to share with you a didactic memory of mine – a teaching moment burned into my mind. I think that it’s from Grade 8 math class but the details don’t matter. What matters … Read more

Why Marketing Matters Much Less Than Branding

A question was posed in our Facebook group by a frustrated trainer. Here’s a snippet: “Is it me, or are people struggling with marketing? I’m feeling like my business just can’t take off and I feel so stale with it all.” The trainer follows with: “FB ads? Instagram? Free training? Just so muddled with it … Read more

Pretty much everything works, except what you’re probably doing

Walt Disney once said, “Get a good idea and stay with it. Dog it, and work at it until it’s done, and done right.” In the first chapter from my book, Marketing Breakthroughs of Highly Wealthy Online Trainers I say, I see it in my communities all the time. A new coach joins and asks the … Read more

My secret to consistent production

I’m going to get straight to it. No story today. This is the 109th email I’ve written as part of I meant to write this as the 100th but forgot to check. I don’t check anything. That’s part of today’s message. The secret to my consistent production is subtraction, not addition. I’ve learned that … Read more

Why Most Online Trainers Will Never be Successful

“The key secret to success is not excessive expertise, but the ability to use it. Knowledge is worthless unless it is applied.” — Max Lukominskyi Building your body and building your business are similar journeys. Most online trainers, just like most exercisers, will never be successful because they are lost lost in tactical hell, trying to do … Read more

{Forbes Feature} How (Not) to Hustle

Sending you to Forbes today to check out a brand new article. It’s a feature that just went live about hustle, or better yet, the lack of hustle. Read it here: –> {Forbes Feature} How (Not) to Hustle “Nobody ever did anything impactful or meaningful by hustling,” Goodman says. “For the most part, all that … Read more

The Two R’s (126 words)

The two most important words in business today both start with R. They are robustness and relentlessness. –Robustness to withstand any changes out of your control. If an algorithm in social media changes and you are worried that it will affect your business in a major way, you are not robust. Your system will eventually … Read more

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