“I need to get a few more clients, man”

“Ideally I’d have 30 at $399. That’s, like, $12,000 a month. Right now I have 15. I just redid my website and it’s tight, have you seen it?” –’Nah, I haven’t seen it‘ I told my friend as we chatted while watching my son mash the keys on his kid-piano. “K. Well, it’s tight. Check … Read more

‘Cooler than a polar bear’s toenails’

OTA grad Ren Jones, on his two year anniversary of graduating the Online Trainer Academy Certification program, dropped the mic with some mind-bending, biz-exploding knowledge, a few days back. I asked him to share his thoughts. He responded: ‘Cooler than a polar bear’s toenails’ After some Googling, I learned two things: This line originates from … Read more

You’ll figure it out

In order to develop tremendous confidence in your own abilities, you must have courage. Courage to ideate and courage to create. Nobody is born with courage. It develops when things don’t go your way. Courage develops when you fail. You cannot fail if you don’t try–so try a lot and fail a lot. So long … Read more

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