‘Education is Marketing with Integrity’

I’m rolling my foot with a ball right now. At home, we have a soft tissue kit that my wife and I used to use before it turned into a set of toys for my son. All of these tools are made by the same company, TriggerPoint Performance – founded in 2002 by Cassidy Phillips … Read more

You’ll figure it out

In order to develop tremendous confidence in your own abilities, you must have courage. Courage to ideate and courage to create. Nobody is born with courage. It develops when things don’t go your way. Courage develops when you fail. You cannot fail if you don’t try–so try a lot and fail a lot. So long … Read more

Make a Bad Plan (34 words)

A bad plan successfully implemented will lead to mistakes which will teach you lessons which will lead to improvement. A bad plan is better than no plan. A bad plan is a good start. -Coach Jon

“A boringly logical man would make the cups larger”

“If you visit the excellent burger chain Five Guys, you will notice that your fries come in a cup: large, medium, or small. Yet, having filled your cup, the staff invariably throw in a generous scoop of fries into your brown paper bag. These are the fries which, strictly speaking, they don’t have to give … Read more

Little Poems for Big Hearts

I called her because we were in the neighbourhood. Twenty minutes later we were chatting in the local bohemian coffee shop; the kind of place you get looked down upon if you order a coffee and not an Americano. She told me about a project that she had been putting off that was meaningful to … Read more

The Best Personal Trainer Holiday Cards ARE BACK!

Great news, the holiday cards are back. Get yours at https://store.theptdc.com/product/ptdc-holiday-cards/ *Bonus: Buy one set of cards and get 50% off every additional set. Buy for your staff, send more this year, or stock up for next year. The discount is applied automatically when you check out with a minimum of two packs of holiday cards. … Read more

The 5 Little Steps to Make Business Simple Again (198 words)

The 5 little steps that’ll be the quickest way to successful business. 1. ONE TARGET MARKET. Pick one specific target market that you know, understand and you love. 2. ONE PRODUCT. Pick one product that you can look the prospect in the eye and say “this thing will get you the results you’re after”. 3. … Read more

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